Body blitz

The other day I posted about some of the new skin products I am using so this is quite similar although mainly about the body. It is so important to keep the skin on your body in top condition because like I said before it has to last you your whole life and it is great to keep it looking and feeling a youthful as possible. My newest products I have tried are all brilliant at this and Im here (as always) to let you know what I like and dislike.

IMG_2920Balance me super body wash. This product is like a shower gel but just better. I mean you can walk round the supermarket and there will be hundreds of brands of shower gel but really do you look at what they actually do? No. We just assume they just clean us right? Wrong. Many do something other than that which is exactly what this product does. This is basically an in shower moisturiser. This helps the skin maintain its moisture and keep it feeling smooth as well as making it clean. This also smells amazing and I would really recommend this product.

IMG_2922The next body product I tried was the Activbod shower gel. This is meant to be for someone once they have done exercise and really put their body through some pressure and getting a sweat on. I love the smell of this shower gel and it was really simple to apply but to be honest, its just shower gel. I didn’t really feel this did much more than my normal go to product but it was still great to use purely for the smell.


Unami body treatment was my next test. I have actually never heard of this brand or even tried it before so this was a whole new experience. The bottle for this suggests it is a deep cleaning product so I used this after having a shower and as it contains aloe vera it was really moistening. It made my skin feel tight and healthy and smelt good enough to eat. I feel like using this product I should be standing in an outside shower in the middle of Hawaii, so yeah if anyone can arrange that for me that would be great!

IMG_2925London butterflies was the last product for me to try and this was more of a scrub than a shower gel. This was so easy to use and I found it took any dead skin away leaving my skin feeling silky smooth which is always the desired finish. This smelt D-E-Licious. I want more of this product already and it was so great to use, I would use this in my every day shower just because I loved it so much!

IMG_2926I really hope you have enjoyed my review leave your comments on your ideas and let me know any thoughts on my opinions!

Make up on a budget

If you are like me, you will spend your free time reading blogs and watching YouTube videos of people doing the most beautiful make up and it is all by using the latest and best products (which make me ridiculously jealous) so I thought I would give it a go at my own make up routine on a budget using all products you can get on the high street and even though I say so myself, I think it turned out just as good as if I had used all the high end products. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE a high end product like Mac and Charlotte Tilbury but we can’t all afford to get new items every time we want to change our look.

Instead of using a foundation or primer today I started off by using the Rimmel stay matte BB cream and applied this by using the Real Techniques slanted foundation brush. The thing I love about a BB cream is that it is so light on the skin and this BB cream has a great coverage. The shade I used was medium although I think I could have gone with a lighter shade. I then use the Rimmel Stay matte finishing powder, applied with the Body shop body brush lightly brushed all over my face.
I then used the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette (OKAY I admit this isn’t high street but I don’t have another contour kit, note to self, BUY ONE). As I have used a BB cream instead of my normal foundation I have used a different shade of the contour palette.
PicMonkey Collage7I have used the Bourjois blusher in Rose and applied this using the brush which it came with and placed this on the balls of my cheeks .
IMG_2532I have then used the Barry M natural glow palette 2. This is a great palette with 6 different colours inside and a primer. This also comes with two small brushed with the sponge tips. I really don’t like these brushes personally though I have used them for this look. Firstly I use the centre light shimmer colour over my whole eyelid up to under my eyebrow. I then use the darkest brown colour next to the primer for the outer edge of my eye and just above the crease onto the bottom of the brow bone. I have then used the lighted brown shade in the centre of the eyelid as a way to blend the colours from dark to light into the centre of the eye. I found the brushed from the palette didn’t blend very easily and mix the colours well so I have actually used my finger to blend the colours.

IMG_2529I have then used the Rimmel Exaggerate eyeliner in black. I have used this to create a large flick at the edge of the eye in line with the end of the eyebrow. I start by drawing a base line and connecting this together. I have then gone the whole way along the eyelid and created a small point in the centre of the eye going downwards to create a cat look.
IMG_2536I have gone for Rimmel again (I didn’t realise how much I lean towards Rimmel until writing this blog post!) The mascara I have used is the Black extra super lash. This has a curved brush which is great for pulling the eyelashes upwards to make the eyes look bigger.
PicMonkey Collage8
I have also used the Soap and glory Sexy mother pucker lip gloss in a dark pink colour to finish the look. I really like the soap and glory lip gloss’ as they are such long lasting and come in such great colours. I hope you like my final look, leave your comments below!

Spa day in the city

I am definitely a city gal I jump at the opportunity to got into the city, that being any city. I love the fast moving pace and the whole atmosphere so for my boyfriends birthday I got him a VIP spa day as I feel like it is so nice to get away from every day life and just relax.

IMG_2332I found the most amazing spa day in the centre of London and it was so lovely to just spend the day together and leave all the stress of real life behind. The spa day was in a hotel called The Atheneum which overlooks St James Park. The hotel was stunning from the outside as the whole side corner of the building was covered in flowers and greenery which was amazing and  really made the hotel blend in with the park. We got the train to London Victoria so it was a short but sweet walk past Buckingham Palace and through the park to the hotel.
Once inside we went straight into the restaurant for a 2 course lunch which we managed to turn into four courses!

IMG_2315We were straight away served a bottle of champagne and we accompanied that with some delicious bread and oil, which didn’t really go but that doesn’t matter does it! Danny then went on to have a steak and I have spinach and ricotta ravioli. For desert I don’t even know what these where, I had a berry mousse and Danny had a pineapple and ice cream pudding, although the pineapple was cooked some how!
PicMonkey Collage3

e then went down into the spa and it was amazing. We were treated to an hour massage in a joint room which was so romantic, although I did think Danny was snoring at one point! I actually had a half hour massage and then a half hour facial and they used all Ren products which I love and was a real treat to be able to get to use these as they are real luxury products. The spa was so beautiful and smelt amazing. It has a sauna, steam room and hot tubs. The day was perfect and I cannot wait to be able to get away again.
PicMonkey Collage4
IMG_2331I hope you liked my post and leave your comments below.

Harry Potter World

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get to visit the Harry Potter sets and being such a big Harry Potter fan anyway this just highlighted my upset that the books and films are actually over.

A large amount of Harry Potter was filmed in a studios in north London and they have set up an exhibition of props and scenes from the films so you can experience the magic yourself!

Having driven quite a while to get to the location in Watford, we were greeted by the huge chess pieces from the first film. The scale of these are insane and they really would dwarf a grown man.

We then proceed into the main entrance where we are greeted by the great hall doors, again these are huge and to everyones excitement upon entering through the doors we are stood in the real great hall! This is lined with tables mounted with food from the films. There is fire places on each wall all engraved with the Hogwarts cress and then the clothes from the actors on mannequins. Dumbledoor is standing at the head of the great hall next to Professor Mcgonagall and  Snape while Hagrid is towering over Flinch! All of the mannequins wearing the original clothing and wigs from the films. I think when the doors opened and this scene was infront of my eyes I literally squealed like an excited pig and this is just the beginning!

Turning the corner into the main exibition of props we are then standing infront of more food, this time from the Yule Ball in the fourth film and the triwizard tournament. The ice sculpture, the chocolate swan, the dresses all look amazing! Then there is more costumes, which is so exciting remembering all different characters that has slipped your mind.

The whole place is filled with magic. The Weasleys house, with moving iron and self knitting needles. The Gryffindor dorm room, complete with fire place and butterbeer barrels and the Potions lab with stirring pots! Hagrids house was a miss match of his belongings with Fang sitting innocently at the door. There is the Nagini the snake and Buckbeak, the golden snitch and the night bus. I think that literally anything you can remember is there plus more! It is amazing!

To finish off the tour you come towards a dark room, you turn the corner and will honestly gasp as there is a humungous Hogwarts right infront of your eyes. This is the real statue they used when filming any scene that shows the whole of Hogwarts and it is incredible. I hope you enjoy my photos from the day and leave your comments and thoughts!


Visiting the Queen

Windsor! Where the queen lives on weekends! In her castle.Imagine that! ‘Bye guys I’m off to the castle for the weekend!’ Like the queen speaks like that anyway! HA.

The other week me and my boyfriend went to Windsor for the day and we were able to go Segway! It was so much fun! I fell off. Shock. But all the same it was great! And the location for the Segway was right next to the queens weekend house and I must admit I loved seeing it! I wasn’t able to go into the castle but we got to look around the local town and it was so pretty and there was a sense of royalty in the air. It was a wonderful experience getting to look around this beautiful town on the outskirts of London and if you are lucky enough to go then do it!