Spa day in the city

I am definitely a city gal I jump at the opportunity to got into the city, that being any city. I love the fast moving pace and the whole atmosphere so for my boyfriends birthday I got him a VIP spa day as I feel like it is so nice to get away from every day life and just relax.

IMG_2332I found the most amazing spa day in the centre of London and it was so lovely to just spend the day together and leave all the stress of real life behind. The spa day was in a hotel called The Atheneum which overlooks St James Park. The hotel was stunning from the outside as the whole side corner of the building was covered in flowers and greenery which was amazing and  really made the hotel blend in with the park. We got the train to London Victoria so it was a short but sweet walk past Buckingham Palace and through the park to the hotel.
Once inside we went straight into the restaurant for a 2 course lunch which we managed to turn into four courses!

IMG_2315We were straight away served a bottle of champagne and we accompanied that with some delicious bread and oil, which didn’t really go but that doesn’t matter does it! Danny then went on to have a steak and I have spinach and ricotta ravioli. For desert I don’t even know what these where, I had a berry mousse and Danny had a pineapple and ice cream pudding, although the pineapple was cooked some how!
PicMonkey Collage3

e then went down into the spa and it was amazing. We were treated to an hour massage in a joint room which was so romantic, although I did think Danny was snoring at one point! I actually had a half hour massage and then a half hour facial and they used all Ren products which I love and was a real treat to be able to get to use these as they are real luxury products. The spa was so beautiful and smelt amazing. It has a sauna, steam room and hot tubs. The day was perfect and I cannot wait to be able to get away again.
PicMonkey Collage4
IMG_2331I hope you liked my post and leave your comments below.

11 thoughts on “Spa day in the city

  1. Hi

    I loved this post, seems like an amazing experience. The whole day from start to finish. I would love to do something like this with a partner.

    The food looked great, and the strawberries well prepped. Nothing like strawberries to say romance.
    Those tubs look pretty amazing as well 🙂

    Will be adding this to my list.


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