Harry Potter World

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get to visit the Harry Potter sets and being such a big Harry Potter fan anyway this just highlighted my upset that the books and films are actually over.

A large amount of Harry Potter was filmed in a studios in north London and they have set up an exhibition of props and scenes from the films so you can experience the magic yourself!

Having driven quite a while to get to the location in Watford, we were greeted by the huge chess pieces from the first film. The scale of these are insane and they really would dwarf a grown man.

We then proceed into the main entrance where we are greeted by the great hall doors, again these are huge and to everyones excitement upon entering through the doors we are stood in the real great hall! This is lined with tables mounted with food from the films. There is fire places on each wall all engraved with the Hogwarts cress and then the clothes from the actors on mannequins. Dumbledoor is standing at the head of the great hall next to Professor Mcgonagall and  Snape while Hagrid is towering over Flinch! All of the mannequins wearing the original clothing and wigs from the films. I think when the doors opened and this scene was infront of my eyes I literally squealed like an excited pig and this is just the beginning!

Turning the corner into the main exibition of props we are then standing infront of more food, this time from the Yule Ball in the fourth film and the triwizard tournament. The ice sculpture, the chocolate swan, the dresses all look amazing! Then there is more costumes, which is so exciting remembering all different characters that has slipped your mind.

The whole place is filled with magic. The Weasleys house, with moving iron and self knitting needles. The Gryffindor dorm room, complete with fire place and butterbeer barrels and the Potions lab with stirring pots! Hagrids house was a miss match of his belongings with Fang sitting innocently at the door. There is the Nagini the snake and Buckbeak, the golden snitch and the night bus. I think that literally anything you can remember is there plus more! It is amazing!

To finish off the tour you come towards a dark room, you turn the corner and will honestly gasp as there is a humungous Hogwarts right infront of your eyes. This is the real statue they used when filming any scene that shows the whole of Hogwarts and it is incredible. I hope you enjoy my photos from the day and leave your comments and thoughts!


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